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Audioengine A5 Speakers Reviews:

Inside Home Recording.com - A5 iPod Speakers Review (Podcast)
"Crystal-clear and reasonably-priced. I don't know anybody who would buy an Apple Hi-Fi after hearing the Audioengine 5's." Review starts at:37:57.” Website


The Mac Observer - A5 iPod Speakers Review (Podcast)
"Ridiculously good... a slam dunk.” Website

The Mac Observer - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“When it comes to listening to and recording music, there are no other speakers in this price range that come close to the clarity and balance offered by Audioengine 5.”
Website | PDF

Home Theater - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Even if you do not go to the extreme of hooking up a turntable, the Audioengine 5 is still smart enough to find the oasis in the MP3 desert. As billed, it's well suited to compressed music formats, not only getting good bass out of them, but a pragmatically sculpted midrange, as well. It's also revealing enough to get the best out of better signal sources, up to and including analog.” Website

Boston Herald - Best Speaker of the Year
“The best speaker of the year is Audioengine 5. More than 50 new speakers were put to the test this year, but there wasn’t the need for a ‘listening-off’ to pick the winner. These matching bookshelf speakers, the first product offered by Audioengine — blew away all rivals in terms of audio excellence.” Website | PDF

MacLife - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“We're glad to say that these are easily among the best-sounding iPod speakers we've ever heard. Crisp, clean audio emanates from the boxes, producing a huge sound that never betrays their bookshelf size. Even the bass levels are quite prominent without the use of an external subwoofer. Fantastic sound and build quality. No receiver needed. Well-thought-out design.” Website | PDF

Audio Ideas Guide - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“As the cornerstone of a high quality, inexpensive and unobtrusive desktop audio system the Audioengines are pretty much ideal. Comparing them sonically with the mass-marked ipod "dock" systems out there, many of which cost around the same amount, isn't even fair.” Website | PDF

Canada HiFi - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Most impressive was the wide and deep soundstage. I decided to compare (the A5’s) to a pair of Pinnacle bookshelves driven by the Cambridge Audio Azur 540A integrated amplifier. Doing a series of A-B comparisons it was clear that these speakers had a little more low-end punch than the Pinnacles. They also produced highs that were detailed but smooth and not as bright as the Pinnacles, resulting in a more pleasant sound to my ears. These speakers were making me want to listen to music I had previously left to collect dust.” Website | PDF

iOnMac - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Overall I am floored by the sound and versatility of these speakers. The both look and sound amazing and would make any audiophile proud to listen to them. The extra little touches and the extra ports and power are also well thought out and designed.”
Website | PDF

Powerpage - Macworld 2007 Honorable Mention
“A quality product (that) blew us away in terms of volume, depth and richness. The engineers were cool to hang out and talk with and this is a firm composed of qualified, experienced people who really seem to care about the products they're making.”

PBCentral - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Rich soundfield, strong clear bass, clean highs. These things sound good. Real good. If you're in the market for a serious set of powered speakers to turn your iPod, Airport Express, or Mac into a true stereo system, do yourself a favor and check out the Audioengine 5.” Website | PDF

Affordable Audio - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Audioengine should be lauded for hitting the target in their first offering. The Audioengine5’s are a quite pleasing performer. After having listened to the Apple HiFi system, the 5’s are a far more musical.” Website | PDF

Associated Press - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“The Audioengine 5, which doesn't have a dock or a remote control, is clearly the leader of the pack when it comes to producing a rich, full sound. With dual speakers and the commensurate speaker wire, this is a home-based iPod system for discerning listeners, not the more portable docks offered by Apple and Bose.” Website | PDF

Audioholics - A5 iPod Speakers Review
"I have heard many iPod/MP3 player systems, but the Audioengine 5 is by far the best one yet. It is really in a class all by itself. Its ability to serve up much better audio quality than my Paradigm Atoms was shocking to say the least. Most of these type of systems are designed with fidelity as an afterthought (or in most cases no thought at all), this is NOT the case with the Audioengine 5." Website | PDF

AVS Forum - A5 iPod Speakers Review
Discover why this customer prefers the A5 for his Squeezebox! PDF

Bluewin Magazine - iPod Speakers Review (in French)
"It is clear that anybody wishing to invest in a hifi system without spending too much would be better off considering this type of product rather than a Dolby 5.1 system of mediocre quality that one finds so often." Website | PDF

Boston Herald - A5 iPod Speakers Review
"To say the Audioengine 5 is a superb iPod speaker system is to sell the stylish bookcase speakers short. While the system is designed and marketed with the iPod in mind - from its convenient top-mounting iPod ports to its glossy white finish - the Audioengine team did not limit its first consumer product to the solo task of serving up iPod tunes. The system delivered full, rich, true-to-life sounds that blow away any portable home system I’ve encountered." Website | PDF

Cool Hunting - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Designed for the increasing number of audiophiles who are making the switch to an iPod-specific system, Audioengine's new set of slick-looking powered speakers are a compact option with rich, nuanced sound quality.” Website | PDF

Dagogo - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“If you want to hear real stereo sound more like real music… with detail, clarity, resolution, dynamics, and soundstage… you will like the Audioengine A5. There’s real quality in sound and noticeable quality in build and craftsmanship that belies the $349 asking price.” Website | PDF

Digital Trends - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“If you want speakers that are easy to set up, easier to use and still sound awesome, the A5's will satisfy you. In fact, they may open your ears to a new level of audio quality. Even at low volume… the A5 speakers delivered clean, undiminished audio quality. I've loved having my JBL speakers, but unfortunately they sound entirely apologetic and limp compared to the A5's. So sorry, JBL.” Website | PDF

Digital Trends - A5 iPod speakers Review (video)
Kristen Reilly does a fantastic job of explaining all the key features of the A5.

Enjoy the Music - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“At loud, but not stupid, volume levels the Audioengine 5 have been the best performing powered speakers system… All in all the Audioengine 5 is an overachiever and delivers sound quality that belies the small $349 price. If someone told me the Audioengine 5 were $1,500 I would have believed them!” Website | PDF

Fresh Arrival - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“The Audioengine 5’s exude style, and even the way they are packaged is a testament to Audioengine’s attention to detail. The defining point of a new music output device for me (speakers, headphones) is if I hear things in my music that I’ve never heard before. That has definitely happened multiple times with these speakers. I thought I had good speakers before (fairly large Altec Lansing speakers), but I absolutely love the Audioengine speakers. I’m enjoying my music all over again.” Website | PDF

Gadgeteer - A5 iPod Speakers Review
"I love the Audioengine 5 speaker system. They are definitely 100 steps above the smaller more inexpensive systems I've reviewed in the past. Oh, I know Apple just came out with the Hi-Fi... I've not had the opportunity to try it, but I'd rather have Audioengine. It's a no brainer than they have to sound better, given the fact that you can separate the left and right speakers." Website | PDF

Gizmodo - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“The engineers at Audioengine have put a lot of work into making the A5's some of the best bookshelf style speakers out there. They are available for $350, which may sound like a lot for bookshelf speakers, but the A5's provide an exceptional sound capable of pleasing the ears of any audiophile.” Website | PDF

Hardware-Review.net - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Every gamer knows how much sound can help you get more frags, and these speakers came through for me in spades.” Website | PDF

Houston Chronicle - A5 iPodSpeakers Review
"If you're looking for a portable (or semi-portable) one-piece speaker system, the iPod Hi-Fi is the best-sounding system of its type. If you want even bigger and better sound with true stereo imaging, the Audioengine 5 is the way to go." Website | PDF

iPod Hacks - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“The tweeters delivered admirably, providing highs that neither our in house Tivoli RadioWorks or Bose WaveRadio could match. Not only do they make for a great iPod companion system, they also serve well as a remote, Airport Express-driven system and even work great as laptop/desktop PC speakers, as we noted with our MacBook Pro.” Website |PDF

iPod Observer - A5 vs. Apple Hi-Fi
"While coming closer than I expected, the iPod Hi-Fi still can't match the sheer performance of Audioegine's A5 speakers ($350, 5 stars)... Simply put, if you're seeking the highest quality in-home listening experience for your iPod for $350, look beyond the iPod Hi-Fi to the Audioengine A5." Website | PDF

iPod Observer - A5 iPodSpeakers Review
"If you're looking for the best sounding stand-alone speaker solution for your iPod, look no further: the Audioengine 5 is second to none. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, Audioengine has managed to bring a decidedly unique offering to the table, one that sees form following function for a change, and without any compromises." Website | PDF

iProng - A5 iPod Speakers Review
"As good as the Hi-Fi sounds, the A5 sounds even better. The bass is even deeper, without a hint of distortion, even at the kind of impossibly loud volumes that you would only listen at if you wanted to ensure that your neighbors got to listen in. All your neighbors." Website | PDF

Macenstein - A5 iPodSpeakers Review
“This is one of the rare reviews where not only am I not going to complain about the A5’s price, but I actually think we may be getting a bargain here. There is an overall feeling of quality in the fit and finish of the Audioengine 5’s that is truly unique in the “white plastic wasteland” that dominates the iPod speaker market. The clarity of sound the A5’s deliver is amazing, and you will find yourself hearing instruments you never before noticed in songs you’ve heard a dozen times.” Website | PDF

Macworld - 5 alternatives to the iPod Hi-Fi
Website | PDF

MSNBC - A5 iPodSpeakers Review
“How do they sound? Much better than their $349 suggested retail price portends. Given a good-sounding music source (well-ripped files, for instance) these speakers are worth their weight in gold. The 5’s sound clear and accurate. The highs are smooth and clean. They produce terrific bass from such a small enclosure. Overall, they sound better than anything else in their price range.” Website | PDF

MyMac.com - A5 iPod Speakers Review (audio)
Listen to all the great things that Speedyreviews has to say about the A5. Website | Audio

MyPersonalGetaway - A5 Speakers Review

PC Magazine - A5 iPod Speakers Review
“Sound quality at lower listening levels is very good, and the stereo image is far wider than any one-piece unit could provide. The overall sound is slightly more balanced than that of the Hi-Fi, thanks to a slightly smoother midrange. Highs are prominent but not harsh. When I cranked the volume up to truly annoying levels, the sound held up remarkably well without distorting…” Website | PDF


Playlist - A5 Speakers Review
"To my ears the Audioengine 5s provide solid sound from the devices it was designed for - computers, portable music players, and AV media centers. If, based on sound quality alone, I had to choose between the iPod Hi-Fi and these speakers, I’d opt for the Audioengine 5s for their more-balanced sound and their ability to be separated. Compare them... to powered speakers priced under $500 that are intended for the portable music market and you’ll feel the way I do - nothing can touch them." Website | PDF

Playlist - Gear Guide
“These toaster-sized, powered speakers offer balanced (and big!) sound, solid construction, two audio input ports, a powered USB port for charging your iPod, and, best of all, a power outlet for easily connecting an Airport Express (you know that iTunes can stream music to up to three AirPort Expresses now, right? ’nuff said).” Website | PDF

PocketPCReviews.net - A5 Speakers Review
“Having been used to multimedia speakers mostly, I was blown away by the good sound quality from these speakers. They were remarkably clear, even under low volumes.” Website | PDF

Secrets of Home Theater - A5 Speakers Review
“If you would like to treat yourself to self-powered speakers that give portable MP3 devices, computers, or miscellaneous audio sources, high quality lifelike sound, the Audioengine 5 system fits the bill.” Website | PDF

SurfBits - A5 Speakers Review
“The last 2 weeks I’ve been testing the Audioengine 5 powered iPod speakers, and I must say that they have the sound, design and features that thoroughly impressed me, in fact, more then any others in this category. They are priced at $349.00 retail and are worth the money…” Website | PDF

The Register - A5 Speakers Review
“Audioengine's A5 speakers look good and sound even better. Hook them up to a CD or DVD player and you're in for a real treat.” Website | PDF

Top Review Shop - A5 Speakers Review
“I’ve spent dozens of hours listening to the Audioengine 5 speaker system and continue to be surprised by just how good they sound with MP3s. In a number of my favorite songs, I have been able to pick out specific points in the song where I can now hear new sounds that I couldn’t hear before with other computer speakers or headphones.” Website | PDF

Toys4Boys - A5 Speakers Review (audio)

Uncrate - A5 Speakers Review
"You've got an iPod. Now get it the speaker system it deserves. We've been testing out the Audioengine 5 speakers ($350) for most of March, and we continue to be super impressed by them every single time we crank up a playlist on our iPod. The bookshelf-sized speakers are solidly built monitors that offer rich sound and zero distortion, even when cranked up to uncomfortable levels." Website | PDF



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