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Gear Diary - A2 Speakers Speakers Review
"...when you turn them on, the A2s are very much an Audioengine product in this department… translation…they sound great."Visit Website

What's on iPhone - A2 Speakers Review
"I'm not an audiophile but I know what sounds good and what doesn't. The AudioEngine A2s sound GOOD- really good! They sound and feel like a much bigger and more expensive set of speakers." Visit Website

Stuff.tv - A2 Speakers Review
"For speakers in this class, the A2s sound exceptional. Warm, punchy, articulate and well integrated... In short, the A2s are a revelation at the price." Visit Website

Connect Reviews - A2 Speakers Review
"These *are* the best speakers for your desktop, notebook computer, or media player."Visit Website

Computer Shopper - A2 Speakers Review
"The A2 is surprisingly loud for such a small set, and the general quality of the sound is rich, warm and vibrant."Visit Website

Stereophile - A2 Speakers Review
"I have never been more impressed with or more stunned by a component I've reviewed for Stereophile than I was with the Audioengine 2. The level of sound quality produced by this uncolored, detailed, articulate, and dynamic speaker, in all situations, was beyond reproach, and its ratio of value to cost borders on the criminal."

Apple Phone Show - A2 Speakers Review
"These are a solid $199 investment. I’ve tried many different speaker systems. These A2’s, by far, are the best value for the dollar."Visit Website

Mac Observer - AW1, A2 Speakers , and A5 Speakers Reviews (audio) Apple Weekly Report #124.
Review starts at 36:45.Visit Website

TheTechLounge - A2 Speakers Review
"These little boxes make beautiful sound, without needing any equalizing whatsoever. These are amazingly versatile speakers, and Audioengine gets yet another pat on the back for going beyond the standard for it's followers."Visit Website

CNET Blogs, The Audiophiliac from Steve Guttenberg - A2 Speakers Review
"Even audiophiles used to the good stuff will dig these speakers, they're that good."Visit Website

PC World - A2 Speakers Review
"Clearly geared toward accurate music reproduction, the speakers offered remarkable imaging and excellent transparency in my tests, which I performed after 30 hours of burn-in... The Audioengine A2 speaker set should be on the short list of anyone who values good musical reproduction over chest-thumping bass."Visit Website

Madshrimps - A2 Speakers Review
"The Audioengine 2 Desktop Speakers are a true piece of audiophile engineering in the smallest physical enclosure I've ever seen or heard. This is a winning design and the only specification better then the price is the sound." Visit Website

Positive Feedback - A2 Speakers Review
"In a recent issue of Stereophile, Robert J. Reina went nuts over the Audioengine 2 powered loudspeakers. Okay so in reading his comments one can assume that these speakers are the second coming of someone's something or other, so I just had to put into a request to the guys at Audioengine to get me a pair. So how good are they? Uh… yeah, they are good. Very good indeed."Visit Website

Silent PC Review - A2 Speakers Review
"There's little doubt that the Audioengine A2 is a gem. Its tiny size, appealing simple looks and operation, and well-thought out details exude an impressive level of quality. The real reward is when they're plugged in and the music turned on. It's hard to believe so much good sounding music can come from such wee speakers."Visit Website

Maccast - A2 Speakers Review (audio)
Listen to the great things Sam Levin has to say about the A2 and other Audioengine products. MyMac Podcast 186. Review starts at 33:23.Visit Website

Dagogo - A2 Speakers Review
"The (Audioengine 2's) are are a new standard in what a self-powered desktop speaker is
capable of."Visit Website

Wired - A2 Speakers Review
"Stop the Music: Audiophile Embraces $200 Speakers"Visit Website

PC Magazine - A2 Speakers Review
"Sure, the price is a bit steep for PC speakers with no real extra features, but the audio performance is well worth the price for audiophiles who want to replicate the high-quality listening experience of their home theaters on their PC."Visit Website

Goodsound - A2 Speakers Review
"The Audioengine A2 is the best PC speaker I've ever heard. The luscious, uncolored midrange is too wonderful. If you use your PC to listen to any amount of music, get the Audioengine A2s. Do it now.
Visit Website

6Moons.com - A2 Speakers CES Coverage
"The Audioengine2 speakers are some cool little performers at $199/ pair. We bought a pair of 2s with a few clicks on the AudioEngine website for our pair of daughters and we're all thrilled. I'm still holding out for the bamboo-clad 2s which are due out "soon". And it's always a plus when the guys behind the company are some of the nicest around."Visit Website

The MacCore - A2 Speakers Review
"I've never considered spending $200 for a set of speakers that I would hook up to my laptop (but) after listening to the Audioengine A2 speakers for the past few months, I'll never go back to those cheap computer speakers again."Visit Website

Jordan Chark Blog - A2 Speakers Review
"I’ve honestly never heard desktop speakers of this size produce such a full sound-stage. Audioengine has a solid offering on their hands with the A2s."Visit Website

Playback - A2 Speakers Review
"These decent performers have no need to apologize for their diminutive size. If you want to dress up your desktop with a pair of capable soundstage producing marvels, then look no further than the Audioengine 2's."
Visit Website

MacWorld - A2 Speakers Review
"For such tiny speakers you get a nicely rounded bass, the top end is crisp without being shrill, and everything in between is present and accounted for."
Visit Website

Stereophile - A2 Speakers Review
"In nearly 25 years, it's been rare that I've reviewed an exciting breakthrough product. The Audioengine 2 is such a product‹not because it performs at an extraordinary level (though it does), and not because it's such an incredible value for money (though it is), but because it creates a new market, a new application for high-end audio, and a chance for audiophiles to enjoy music in ways they may have never considered before."
Visit Website

Boston Herald - A2 Speakers Review
"If anyone wondered whether Audioengine would be one-hit wonders, the answer ­ a resounding no ­ can be heard in the second offering from the fledgling speaker company. From playing music on your desktop to watching video clips on a laptop, these twin beauties are worth their price."

The Street - A2 Speakers Review
"...But the best feature is their sound quality. These little boxes are simply amazing. Until you hear them for yourself, you will not be willing to understand what I'm about to say: The Audioengine 2 is the best-sounding speaker system on the market today for under $1,000."
Visit Website

The Audiophile Voice - A2 Speakers Review
"Don't laugh at the size of these units... the sound quality of these speakers is startling."

Home Theater (Mark Fleishman Blog) - A2 Speakers
"Audioengine has made an appealing product even more suitable for multimedia and gaming use. The A2 is also musical enough to compete with the better all-in-one compact systems."
Visit Website

HT Guys - A2 Speakers Review (Podcast)
"At $199 they are more expensive than most computer speakers but they are so much better than most computer speakers. In fact you may not want to limit these speakers to your desk. If you have a SONOS, Squeezebox, or Apple Airport Express with Airtunes you should consider the Audioengine A2..."
Visit Website

PB|Central.com - A2 Speakers Review
"As nice as the A2s are to set up and look at, it's the sound that really matters. The A2s I tested sound wonderful. With 60 watts of power coming from amps built into the left speaker cabinet, the A2s have plenty of punch to be used as sound system in any small-sized room. In other words, if the A5s are too big to put where you want to put 'em, odds are the A2s will do the job quite nicely."
Visit Website


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